WATCH: “Fronteristxs Discussion Panel”

Art Interventions, Community, and the Museum

Art Interventions, Community, and the Museum consists of a conversation with local art collective, Fronteristxs. The Fronteristxs is a collective of artists based in New Mexico that work to end migrant detention and the prison industrial complex through public art interventions. Through these interventions they seek liberation for all. In this discussion panel, the Fronteristxs talk with the UNM Art Museum Student Advisory Board (UNMAM SAB) about their perspective on art, art activism, community, and the role of museums. The Fronteristxs discusses with the UNMAM SAB what they do in New Mexico as an art collective and also contribute their perspective on pressing questions that concern art and museums on a broader spectrum, such as: What is the role of the Museum in its community? What are some practices that could benefit art museums in Albuquerque? How and why are art interventions, like the ones the Fronteristxs perform, necessary for these conversations? Through this discussion panel, the SAB hopes to engage more with the art community in the Albuquerque area as well as address critical questions about the role of museums and their responsibility to their respective communities.