Study Room by the Numbers

The top three pieces requested from our collection during the Spring 2023 semester. From left to right: Hymenophyllum Wilsoni from Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Ferns (1858) by Anna Atkins, Ms. Claus (1990) by Cindy Sherman, and Time Exposed (1991) by Hiroshi Sugimoto.

As the spring semester has come to a close, we are celebrating a successful year of student involvement. We saw a total of 3,724 visitors to the museum this semester, and we’re particularly proud to highlight the growth of the Beaumont Newhall Study Room.  

Since January, we have welcomed 661 people from our total visitor count into the Beaumont Newhall Study Room. These included 500 students who visited the Study Room to examine original works of art from the museum’s collection. We had a total of 60 visits across a wide range of disciplines. All 12 sections of UNM’s “Intro to Photography,” “Black and White Analog,” and “Visualizing Ideas” classes enhanced their curriculums with visits to the Study Room. Other class visits included UNM students from the College of Fine Arts, Journalism and Communication, and the Geography and Environmental Studies departments, photography students from CNM, along with Printmakers from Tamarind Institute and high school students from Next Gen Academy. 

Curator of Collections and Study Room Initiatives, Angel Jiang, shared 1,042 individual artworks by over 350 different artists from our collection’s vaults. The top three pieces pulled from our collection were a tie between Time Exposed (1991) by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ms. Claus (1990) by Cindy Sherman, and Hymenophyllum Wilsoni from Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Ferns (1858) by Anna Atkins.

Everyone is welcome to come visit the Study Room, where you can make requests to view these works and others from the UNM Art Museum’s collection. Learn more at or contact Angel Jiang at