Transcendental Painting Group, 1938–1942

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The Jonsons visit Agnes Pelton in Cathedral City, CA, in December 1935.

The first organizational meeting of the Transcendental Painting Group is held at the Jonsons’ home in Santa Fe on June 7; the second is held at Emil Bisttram’s house in Taos on June 10. The New Mexico Museum of Art has an exhibition of Dane Rudhyar’s paintings in October. The Transcendental Painting Group is officially incorporated in the fall. Jonson stops titling his individual artworks, instead using a system of medium and numbers; he also begins using an airbrush technique. 

A selection of Transcendental Painting Group paintings is shown at the Golden Gate International Exhibition in San Francisco in January.

The Museum of Non-Objective Painting (later known as the Guggenheim Museum) in New York mounts an exhibition of Transcendental Painting Group paintings. 

Raymond Jonson invites Ed Garman to join the Transcendental Painting Group. The United States enters World War II in December.

The Transcendental Painting Group concludes in July. World War II ends in September.


Transcendental Painting Group