Albuquerque, 1947–2009

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Planning and fundraising for the Jonson Gallery at the University of New Mexico begins, including major gifts from Frank C. Rand Jr. and Adele Levis Rand. The gallery is proposed as a place to preserve Raymond Jonson’s legacy, create a space for the encouragement of emerging artists, and create the first art museum at the university and in Albuquerque. 

Raymond and Vera Jonson move to Albuquerque, and Raymond begins teaching at the University of New Mexico full time. Construction begins on the Jonson Gallery.

Jonson Gallery opens to the public in January.


An exhibition of artwork by Raymond Jonson, Frederick O’Hara, and Howard Schleeter is held at the Albuquerque Modern Museum.

Raymond Jonson ends his official teaching position at the University of New Mexico.

Raymond Jonson begins the use of Liquitex brand of acrylic polymer paint. Elaine de Kooning comes to teach art at the University of New Mexico.


Great Jones Gallery brochure, 1960.




Vera Jonson dies in June.

Raymond Jonson paints Polymer No. 19, which turns out to be his final painting.

Raymond Jonson dies in Albuquerque on May 10.

The Jonson Gallery closes in October.


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