Ponderings on Nicola Lopez

Parasites, Prosthetics, Parallels and Partners (2017) by Nicola Lopez. Five-color lithograph with applied mylar. 2019.5.9, University of New Mexico Art Museum.

Eco-Pulse: Rise and Fall, a section of the exhibition Hindsight Insight 4.0, was curated by UNMAM Curator of Prints & Photographs, Mary Statzer and UNM Honors Associate Professor, Megan Jacobs. This section of the exhibition was developed for curriculum in Jacobs’ Spring 2024 class Social Transformation Through Art and focuses on the interconnection between humans and the natural world.

One artwork from this section of Hindsight Insight 4.0 stood out to two students from Jacobs’ class, Lilly Porter and Jonathan Martinez. Lilly and Jonathan recorded a podcast about Parasites, Prosthetics, Parallels and Partners a five-color lithograph made by Nicola Lopez (b. 1975) at the Tamarind Institute in 2017. In this podcast, Lilly and Jonathan share their research on Lopez and discuss the context of this artwork in more detail.

Listen to Lilly and Jonathan’s research and thoughts on Lopez in the podcast below. This episode is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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