Student Advisory Council Spring 2024

Following the re-launch of the Student Advisory Council last semester – this spring SAC continued experimenting, collaborating, and researching together, as the group had their sights set on an exciting new project. From January to May students in SAC worked to create a 24 page zine titled, UNM ART MUSE/ZINE

The scope of this semester’s project was to create a published zine that allowed students in SAC to conduct exploratory and multidisciplinary research through art making, text and visual based research. Students in SAC were encouraged to research artists, artistic techniques, themes, and topics inspired by UNMAM’s spring exhibition Hindsight Insight 4.0. The completed zine serves as a student reflection of the exhibition, one that exists outside of UNMAM’s institutional voice. 

At the first meeting on January 25, SAC met with Curator of Prints and Photographs, Mary Statzer, for a behind-the-scenes tour of Hindsight Insight 4.0. Students were given an exhibition checklist and additional materials to begin brainstorming their projects. 

From February to early April, SAC met regularly at UNMAM to share their creative processes, the direction their projects, and to receive feedback from UNMAM staff members, Joseph McKee, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Technology; Mary Statzer, Curator of Prints and Photographs; and Angel Jiang, Curator of Study Room Initiatives and Collections.  

From March to April, students were divided into three sections — Design, Marketing, and Copyediting. This allowed students in SAC to have direct control in the construction and overall direction of UNM ART MUSE/ZINE, from conception all the way to publication. Working and collaborating on the zine gave students in SAC experience in producing creative artworks, but also in publishing, writing, copyediting, designing, and in marketing. 


Students color themed coloring pages and the cover of the UNM ART MUSE/ZINE at the zine launch on May 2, 2024.

On May 2nd from 5 – 6pm. SAC celebrated the launch of UNM ART MUSE/ZINE with a release party in the CFA Lobby.

Thank you to SAC students Andrew Roibal, Armelle Richard, Astrid Larson, Hannah Cerne, Laura Olson, Marina Perez, and Shaun Pinello for your continued dedication, artistic expression, and ingenuity in creating this zine.  

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find an audio file of Laura Olson’s project, The Wild Flower Portrait, along with a digital copy of UNM ART MUSE/ZINE. Copies of the zine are available at UNMAM’s front desk for free while supplies last.