Identity as Material, Material as Identity

Identity as Material, Material as Identity

The UNM Art Museum presents the University of New Mexico Department of Art’s 27th Annual Juried Graduate Exhibition. The exhibition titled, Identity as Material, Material as Identity, features the work of twelve artists currently enrolled in the MFA Program and working in all mediums – painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, sound/installation, and performance art.


Jeffreen M. Hayes, Ph.D. served as juror. Dr. Hayes is the Executive Director of Threewalls, a non-profit organization in Chicago that engages diverse communities and is committed to racial inclusivity, collaboration, and community engagement beyond the confines of traditional art spaces.

Hayes’ vision for the exhibition is summed up in the following statement, “Identity as Material, Material as Identity serves as a testimony that art is not simply about the object. It is about the human behind and in front of the object. Art is about the human condition.”

Featured Artists:

hazel batrezchavez
Ragini Bhow
Chantel Bollinger
Juana Estrada-Hernandez
Ranran Fan
Hannah Leighton
Dylan Mclaughlin
Khutso Paynter
Andre Ramos-Woodard
Robbie Sugg
Martín Wannam
Alek Zuniga de Dóchas