SMS_TarynSimon_finalTaryn Simon: The Scene of the Crime

Shawn Michelle Smith is Associate Professor of Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently a Research Center Scholar at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum for the year. The Innocents is a series of photographs by Taryn Simon that depict victims of wrongful incarceration for violent crimes that they did not commit. The primary cause of wrongful conviction is mistaken identification.

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mass_webArt and its Environment: From Land Art to Moving Megaliths through Los Angeles

Michael Govan joined the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as Chief Executive Officer and Wallis Annenberg Director in 2006. Mr. Govan has additionally orchestrated the commission and installation of the artist projects that dot the museum’s campus, beginning with Chris Burden’s Urban Light (2008), Robert Irwin’s evolving palm garden and most recently Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass (2012).

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book_webBooks as Art: Medieval Beginnings

Professor Justine Andrews, UNM Dept. of Art and Art History, delivered a lecture in conjunction with the museum’s current exhibition Bound Together/Seeking Pleasure in Books. This exhibition, drawn for the museum’s permanent collection and from the Center for Southwest Research, Zimmerman Library, both acknowledges and celebrates the book–that splendid three-dimesional object we continue to produce and to cherish and for which there is no substitute.

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stupichevent Martin Stupich in Conversation with Michele Penhall

Curator, Michele Penhall talks with Martin Stupich about his exhibition Remnants of the First World which presents a selection of potent images from a larger body of work that Martin Stupich has explored and recorded since the 1970s. These images of some of our most ambitious, often permanent structures are breathtaking to behold yet also pose questions about what it is we are leaving behind as the “remnants” of our culture and time.

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